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Related post: Date: Sun, 04 May 2008 22:50:21 -0400 From: J Subject: TRIO: RICHARD AND BEAMER'S STORYThere were toplist pic fuck two giant catapults set up in the arena by day. It was ready to fling boys at each other, boys who would fight each other in the air as they sailed across it. Not wanting to lose boys to hitting the ground hard, there were soft matts to break their fall and not cause injury, those who were not stabbed in the air, would land safely. The show was about to start but before this, inside a dark hallway, near a cage, a guard met Richard and Beamer. "It's all set, boys. There will be someone outside who will do as I asked. And there's someone who rigged the equipment to do what I want it to do. Your escape will go as planned. No need for signals now, once your outside in the stands, it's all up to your ability to pull it off, speaking of which...'"Richard looked at the big muscled man, "Great. Once we're outside, we'll send you the money we agreed...""I don't need money, kid, I need the other thing we talked about..."Beamer looked, suspicious, "What's that?"The big guard, Adri, looked at him, "You'll do." darkcollection toplist He put his hands on Beamer's bare bony shoulders, "Get down..."Beamer got on porn stream toplist his knees and pulled the guard's spandex shorts off. A thick uncut cock fell about and stiffened as Beamer put both hands on the lower shaft. Richard tugged Beamer away, "No! He's not about that. We didn't say we would definitely do this!""It's this or toplist virtual 3d sex the whole deal is off," Adri smiled. He was handsome with a stiff body and a chiseled jawline. Big big BIG pecs and teen toplist porn pointy nipples.Richard put a hand on the big boy images toplist left pec, reaching up to the massively tall Adri, "Listen, sex toplist nudist he's not really that experienced in these matters. I mean I'll do it...I don't get it though, surely you must have lots of action among the free guys, the guards, the arrow teen toplist nudes boys...""Nope." Adri smiled, "I don't wan em. I want gladiator boys, the fighters. And among guards that is not looked well upon. I know it is done but I free upskirt toplist haven't 12yo toplist had the chance to do it out of that I'm always being watched as head guard."Beamer looked cp toplist banned down, "And now I'll give head..." He put his fine thick lips around the man's THICK veined shaft and started ministrations. Up and down."No!" Richard yelped. "It's gotta be me, I don't want him to..."Beamer stood up and poked his finger into Richard's belly button hard, "Shut up, ya pansy or I'll stick you with a weapon if you don't, like I did to ya in that arena but lsm toplist this time I'll finish the job!"Richard stood back, hurt. Did Beamer mean it? That was mean. He wanted to cry. Then Beamer winked. "Uh, uh uh, I don't think I want my man here to....NO!"Beamer got down again and took in a mouthful of Adri's cock, wetting it up again, as Adri grabbed Richard's sides and shook him a bit, "Quiet or we'll be found. As it was, I made some cock...""MMMMMM!" Beamer said as he eyed Adri, "I'll say..." He muffed out."N bull story that I was taking you two to be checked out, that one of you couldn't breath."Richard looked down as Beamer snorted air out his nose, "I'll say one of us can't.""We'll be missed so once he's done with that...and by the way I want him right where he is and you can get started on my ass!"Richard gulped. Not that Adri wasn't handsome and frankly sexy, Richard just didn't want anyone now but Beamer. Beamer nodded, his mouth full of Adri's sex. Richard got behind Adri and saw the belt the guard wore on the ground. He knew Adri would not even think they family naturism toplist would nude sex toplist try to resist such a great big man like Adri. The belt had a long curved, striated metal dagger there, a fine point pissing toplist in the holster. Richard had the choice, fuck this man or slay him. He wanted to do both. Quickly he reached down and grabbed the knife out and as he did so a hand grabbed his wrist and wrested it from him. Richard gasped. He thought he'd had it. This was it. The guard preeten nude cz toplist would grab the knife and slay him. Then he realized it was a more familiar hand. It was Beamer's. Beamer had this hand on the knife and he took it by the hilt, turned it, and eyeballed Richard from under Adri's spread legs and hanging, swaying balls. He winked.Adri threw his head up to the ceiling, "Ahhhhh, this is so fine! Say, what's taking so long back there, little fucker, fuck me, man! You do it! NOW!""Huh, okay!" Richard stood up, "But it's hard to reach you, you're so tall and so big..."Adri spread his body up even more and it was tight and muscled, every ab sectioned off from the other, a seemingly 12 pack. "Hold my sides as you FACK MY ASS, YOUNG SMOOTH BOY!"Richard rolled his eyes and thought, "Make your move soon Beamer, I don't want to listen to this shit any longer." He smacked his hands on the sides of Adri's buttox and 16 yo nude toplist felt the hard muscle there. He was impressed.Beamer was ready. He held the dagger in his hand hard and rubbed up and down with the other hand but he had to move it to brace himself. He held Adri's thick leg muscle from the front and jerked himself upward, full body, while still holding onto Adri's cock, his mouth slipping from it but his other, free hand staying there.Adri was shutting his eyes and drooling, "Yeah, kid, give it video toplist to me or I'll slay you wid me bare hands. Give it to me, cum on i'tll feel so damned good, give me to me! CUM ON!""I'll give it to ya allright!" extreme toplist Beamer said and SHOVED!?In the dark underbelly labyrinth that passed for hallways, a massive guard with a thick belly was having it used as a pin cushion for a knife that Richard stole from him and passed to Beamer, who was in the process of distracting the guard by giving him head! Beamer sent the knife flying into the belly button of the guard teen latin toplist and found that he had to use all his power to cut toplist teens in as the guard's navel was a hard knot of flesh and muscle beneath prevented his stabbing easily. "Does that do anything for ya!" The guard tried to power hug Beamer but Beamer did two things with his free hand. He reached up and stood up using his legs. Reaching up he hit the man's vocal chords by tapping on his neck, "I know that this experience is the bomb when you can moan and utter words and shit but I can't have ya calling out any warning to anyone!" The man could not make a sound now. Beamer guffawed a laugh and then he hit the man's bicep and that made him drop one arm, "That I'll return when I'm sur e you're not gonna try to squeeze me to death and I promise you a nice death illegal dark cp toplist yourself, you big handsome hunkable!"The guard was wide eyed as Beamer stabbed deeply with the knife and as he just got used to the toplist closeup idea of a knife in his fine wide belly, Beamer rested it there and then waited, then twisted harshly, Beamer making a deep guttural sound himself, "AHHHHHHHHHHahahaha!" And breathing out hard as if killing turned him on. And it did. He could feel the boy's naked sex enlarged and enraging against his lower belly and pubes, rubbing there, making them smoothly bulgy and hot. The guard still used his working arm to grab at Beamer's knife hand and pull but this made Beamer mad and just stab harder back in as the knife was pulled out a bit, "Richard! Hold him, man!"Richard was behind and naked too and jerking but he gasped, "Uh? Oh, sorry, shit! Shit sorry!" He got xxx magazine toplist his arms up toon toplist high on the tall guard and put them under the guard's arms and hands around his lower neck....he could not reach higher teen sex toplist yet until the guard sunk and the guard's knees started to bend and lower the big dude anyway so Richard was able to get his hands higher up on the man's thick neck and he held him. Richard felt the blows Beamer struck from inside. The knife was firmly back in and remained there. As the guard sunk, Richard knew the beastiality movie toplist man was finished and let go to watch. But he couldn't just be passive so he jerked his dick on the guard's massively hot lower back and rubbed up the spine with his dick, which was huge in girth and thickness and pulsating at the head. The guard was now at head level with the boys, for he was sinking but not fast and at porno toplist their level he held himself.Beamer let his hand, which had to reach up amature girls toplist 100 at first stab since he was on his own knees at first, follow the dark collections cp toplist belly and he changed places with the guard almost. He rose up on his legs as the guard sunk slowly. He kept the knife there in the belly button and ripped navel ridge by jerking slightly up and down at various times, up, wait, stab in, 3d yong sex toplist wait, move around to jerk down the lower ridge, enlarging navel on both and theporntoplist then all sides. Stretching it, ripping it, cutting it, jabbing in. Twisting. His own dick bounced at the man's thick legs at first, then teen nude porn toplist at his hard curved hips which lead a way toward dick but the man's dick was uncut and furling, unsure what to do. Pre cum leaked on Beamer's belly button and made it stand out more on Beamer's own washboard. Then over the man's shoulder Beamer saw Richard's beautiful face and couldn't resist. Beamer put his head resting on the man's shoulder and Richard saw it.Richard said, alfasex toplist "How can I resist?" He planted a heavy kiss on Beamer's face, meeting him on the man's shoulder as the man buckled a bit. The shoulder bounced their jaws but they laughed in mid kiss and started to lick each other's face and neck over the dying man's shoulder.The dying guard felt this before he saw it but he turned his head and huffed. Two boys. Two hot teen boys there making love with his pained body in between them. It got him hot and as the boys made love one of them was causing him intense belly pain lingering there in his stomach. And he knew that because he was so muscled, he would take a long time to die. Beamer gasped, russian toplist adult "It'll take him a long time to die with this here knife in the specimen of a bellllyyyy..."Richard threw his tongue into Beamer's mouth after saying, "So, it'll give us more time for..." His dick slowly cummed up the man's fine back and the man jerking a bit, rubbed up and down as Richard rubbed up and down, creating vibrations of toplist alfasex pure bliss for both! The guard felt the fine thick boy meat on his back and his own dick grew almost up to his pec middle, far past the knife, bumping into it and the cold knife in his hot belly hitting his dick made him jump and almost gasp. He sucked air in, he could still do that if not audibly.As the guard lowered some more, Beamer and Richard had more room to kiss and French kiss. Richard put his arm around Beamer's side and as Beamer tried to rub Richard's back, he moved his naturist teen toplist free hand and felt the guard's solid lats. "God, this is hot!""I...I know," Richard gasped and closed his eyes."Me too, for me too..." The guard gasped but no sound came out. He turned his head and saw the two boys making love with their mouths, their tongues, and their eyes as Richard opened his again. They rubbed noses as they moved their heads from side to side and as they did, Beamer moved the knife side to side inside tgp video post toplist the navel deeply. The guard's nerve pinch wore off, that was how long it was since he was stabbed. And he said, "Hot....hot...you guy...boys are hot....go for it and make me feel....it good." He didn't want to call out to warn anyone. He just wanted this to last forever and if he called out, it wouldn't. His dick erupted against Beamer's right side and white met peach colored tanned golden skin. He didn't go limp though for his dick was ready at once, standing tall and firm. A blond tanned golden boy with a fine voice was gumming the other darker boy's lower lip, their wonderfully colored cp hard toplist eyes opening and closing in fine blissful cruelty to him and love to each othe r. The very shaking of their bodies and his own in dying and their's in loving made them all hot. Richard erupted up the man's bulgy solid, non fat back and shot nubile girl toplist toplist nude child up teenteen toplist the neck. The man could feel it go up the back of his head into his short crewcut hair and some splashed blob like on his left ear, dripping down after cumming up japanese pretenn toplist it.Richard was moaning, "oh oh oh oh oh oh ohoh oh oh oh ohhhhhh. I love ya..."Beamer was gasping too, "I do too tooo toooo much man, this is too much..."With every move, Beamer made the knife count. The man's innards were much even if outside looked fairly unwounded when compared to how much Beamer cut inside. Each move, each love making tongue twisting, was equaled with a jerk or a nub or a rub or a twist or dip of the knife. "Oh die well, big guy, die well, it's so good, you feeling it damn well, ain't ya? Richard, boy, I love you so much! I could just kill for you!"Richard laughed, "You are....""You know I didn't mean it when I said I would...."Richard licked his cheek and kissed his own saliva off it. Their drool more than once pooling on the dying man's slumping shoulder, massive though it was. "Oh, that? I know...I know lola fuck toplist you only meant it to divert this big jerk off..." He laughed."Hey, that's me..." The guard's eyes rolled and he sank some more, his shoulders were toplist teen 16 at their belly level now and they had to lean over him to kiss and their dicks met at his right nipple and wet it. "Show some respect...""FOR...." Beamer swished the knife up and down harder and harder with each word, "THE..." He pulled up and made the navel top totally gone as the sharp blade, even at the hilt was damaging, "DEAD???????" He turned to look at the guard for the first time in ages, "THAT WHAT YA MEANT FOR THAT'S WHAT YOU ARE...DEAD!""OHHHHHHHHHHH!" The guard slumped down to his knees and Beamer stabbed the point downward and then upward, creating more gasps and then he put his dick on the man's shoulder, and Richard's was already there and they played swords with their dicks on the man's shoulder as the man jerked and tried to fall, but couldn't with them there pressing from both the front and the back. Their dicks shot hoses filled with yet more pudding cum!The guard jerked and jerked, his own hands on his dick and alternately trying to hold the wound in his belly. He put his hands on his lower belly and let them press russian toplist org there. "HHAAAAAAA!" Beamer 3d toplist porn unplugged with this war cry and moved back. The guard tottered back but hit Richard's boy body there and then bumped off Richard, cum stuck to his shoulder and tying him to both boys with thick ropes....and bumped off Richard and fell forward as Beamer just watched him in triumphant glee and proudness. Beamer's eyes glistened. "We don't have time for this!"Richard smiled, "I'm glad we did it though...that was soo fuckin HOT!"The guard stopped moving. Beamer said, "Help me pull this big idiot into the alcove over there...""Supposed someone realizes?""Believe me, the way this guy acts, no one is missing him or looking for him, at least not right now."Richard heard the crowd above, "The games are about to begin?!""Yeah, come on, let's hide him."They pulled him to the dark corner of stone, which was once used for gladiators to sit and meditate, the chair now gone. Richard handed Beamer his loin cloth and had his own but they didn't put it on. They both shrugged as if they weren't sure what to do with these any more. Beamer shook the remainder of squeezed out cum from his dick, Richard just let his cum out naturally. "Cum on," he said, "This is crazy...we want to escape, right?""Yes.""And we're gonna do it right from the arena...?""Yes!" Beamer's eyes glistened with excitement."In full view of everyone?""YES!""Shhh! That is crazy nuts!"Beamer put his free hand by the boy's nuts, "YES! That's why I like it!" He felt up the balls there and said, "Come on. Oh wait, look, a discarded sword...." He found it in the alcove. Probably some dead gladiator left it there or something. He picked it up and moved out, "Let's make way before we're missed....""Yeah this guy can't give us our cover...""He gave us enough doncha think?""Yeah," Richard laughed as they moved out. Richard was first. As they moved out, they heard but never saw nasty toplist someone coming up on them fast and a guard turned the corner at major stone junction.The guard was taller and lankier than the last one. "Hey where are 3d sex toplist you two hotties going?"Richard held up the loin cloth, "We just wanted some time to, horny ru girl toplist you know, before the games, it makes us wayyy hot....""And just what are you two...." Now his face told the story. He thought he knew what they were doing down here and as he said this, Richard's words registered in his brain, "....doing down here??"Beamer came forward, the hidden weapons behind his back, now in front, "THIS!" He put the sword all the way into the guard's belly button!The guard didn't get the feeling right away, "Oh, as long naked 13 toplist as you aren't getting into troubleLLLLILLilllllilllllEWWLLLLLL! OAF!""You are! An oaf!" Richard got behind the guy and knew the drill. He held the guy from behind and this one was taller but fell faster. In no time, Richard's mouth was at the guy's ear as Beamer followed the guy down, even getting on his own knees to keep the sword in there. "You're dying, dude, enjoy. I mean you're at a place few get to in life or in death. What'you feelin is not life, not sex drawings toplist death, it's something in between and you as you are in between me and my lover...he's hot, doncha think? Feel it, embrace it, believe me, I know what it feels cartoon toplist porn like to have hot burning feeling from cold steel in your teen girl toplist hot abs!"The guard couldn't believe it. Two ...two kids were killing him. Him! His hunky body and strong will. He shook to get loose. Beamer yelled, "Hang onta him, Richard! Hang on!"Richard gasped, "Beamer! We don't have time for this!""I know!" Beamer took the sword out and winged in with the knife. He held it up to the guard's wide eyed face, "How'd you like it RIGHT in DA GUTS!" He stabbed into the lower guts, just above pubes, if this guy had any for he shaved them all off daily. He pulled out with the knife, in with the sword, out with the sword, in with the knife. Then he did the same thing in the belly button mess he already made, and was like a prize fighter punching. Only he was punching huge holes in the guy's bellybutton. "YEAH BOYYYYY, RIGHT IN THE BELLY BUTTON! GONNA TAKE toplist child A LONG TA TO DIE MAYBE BUT NOT NOW WITH THIS HERE KNIFE IN YOUR BELLY!"Richard whispered in the guy's ear as the guy got lower and lower, "Remember this feeling, you ain't gonna feel anything like it again. In fact, you ain't gonna feel anything at all in a few moments."There was something about knowing that the feeling was going to end soon that made the guard even hotter and he shook, his dick opening up on Beamer's belly. Richard rubbed his nose on the guy's right cheek as he spoke. He nibbled on the guy's shoulder and neck. Beamer stabbed his last, "Keep the weap....we can't bring it where we goin, man."Richard looked as Beamer left the knife in the guy and brought the sword up to the guy's belly and stabbed, then dragged it up at the guy's pecs from the belly and down again, down, encompassing the navel area toplist incest forced and down, down, down to the guy's dick beginnings. Then Beamer kicked it in! Richard saw it pop out the back with a sickening yet satisfying crash sound. "Hey watch it, Beam! Ya almost got me....again.""S...s..sorry. Got carried away.""Let's go!" Richard said, "And don't worry, I wouldn't let ya stab me.""Hang on, I gotta..." Beamer finished up his cum on the guard's back as the guy fell forward, a wet sound under him, ripping as he fell onto the sword and it wiggled in his back, jutting out and not sure where to hang or go. The knife was embedded there too and just creating a part of the guard's new body...one that didn't last. He jerked and a BIG widening pool of white spread out from both sides of his torso AND from his pecs and shoulders. He cam a lot and his sounds made the boys think he liked it. Richard proudly said, "I don't havta I..."Beamer made an eyebrow raise on one side in a cocky gesture, "Ya sure of that, pal?"Richard, as he ran ahead, left a trail of CUM, cuming out of him as he ran, unaware of it. His dick tingled and Richard turned back sheepishly. "Guess not..." He gulped, "Now cum on...""If I do that, we'll never get outta here...""Stop. It's the arena for us....next stop....the arena...""Let's hope and pray it's not the last stop for us..."?Wide hipped Alan, a crewcut headed fighter from Jim's camp was on the platform ready to step onto extreme nude pretten toplist the catapult. He was edgy and moving back and forth, shaking his shoulders to warm himself up for the coming fight in the air. He held a long sword in his right hand and his left hand was free. The announcer began, "And now the first in air battle. The rules are simple, Jim's fighter here, will be shot into the air to land on the mats underneath. While in the air he will attempt to divert the launch trajectory of the fighter named Meer, who will be armed in same as you can see and will be shot at the same exact time."Alan had low hanging shorts, which revealed his extended but muscled tights free gallery toplist belly, not without some baby fat but with more muscle. His dark eyes and light colored crewcut made for an attractive look. He had firm nipples and a set of pecs that were just starting to develop skinny girl toplist nicely. His belly button was a nice ridge outtie but innie in the center. He had a grim smile on.Meer had a cold face, and his hair was a mix of bright red, some brown, and some blond streaks. He had equally cold brown orbs for pupils. He held a sword similar to Alan's. He wore low hanging blue hang-out pants. His abs were large and not always well defined in places but strong looking and while not without fat, as impressive as Alan's, maybe more so. He also looked a bit bizare toplists older than Alan, despite being near enough in age. Meer was still and stiff, in all ways. He stood on the other catapult.Dressed in their loin cloths now, Beamer and Richard made their way 13yo boys toplist out of the upper exit, having bluffed their way up and out of the underground cavern halls. "Oh please don't tell anyone, we just needed some private time," they told the guards. Innout wasn't terribly strict about his boys being off for some toplist darkcollection private time and the guards thought this was okay. In fact, Innout wasn't terribly strict with his boys to begin with. Most of them thought this life was better than what they had before and free henti toplists most thought there was nothing better outside. And most didn't get out of line. Innout was fair and kind to them and handled discipline nicely enough as to not to encourage bad behavior but not to make the boys hate him either. Beamer and Richard didn't hate him, in fact, it was just the reverse. He took Richard in when Jim wanted him dead and Igno didn't care a stitch. It would be a shame to leave him behind like this in the lurch and looking bad but they 3d incest pics toplist knew Innout didn't give a r at's fig about that. If boys wanted to leave so bad, they had heard him say more than once, then they are welcome to try it and succeeding, he was apt to let them illegal boy toplist alone. Recovering from massive multiple orgasms, the two boys sat in the highest seat they could find, usually not the best seats but they found a place in the back of Innout's boys and no one seemed to care, some noticed, some did not but all just smiled at them. They had a reputation and this helped them. Beamer whispered, "Ready?""Ready as I'll....ever be." Richard said. "From here we can reach it?""I can, as planned. You just hang on tight," Beamer rubbed his lover's bare back. "N' if we die...at least...""We tried to get out of this shit life hell hole of killing and dying like animals...""Yeah I have always wondered what a topliste nudisten peaceful death would look like or feel like.""Oh yeah, me too," Richard said, "I've tried to even force a dream in that way but I have no way of experiencing it even if I knew it."Beamer shook his head, "Here they go and so do we..."Richard took his place as Beamer squatted up from his seat. Richard got on the seat and put both arms around Beamer. Beamer bent down and Richard closed his eyes. The muscled axeman was about to cut the catapult on Alan's side. Another was to do the same thing on the other side, where Meer stood. Beamer jumped----Richard clinging to him--- naked angels teen toplist and it was a wide jump but he made it to the catapult launcher just as Alan tried to jump on. Beamer puffed and hit Alan's chest with an open palm and took his sword, "I'll take that, thank you very much!" The rope was cut and Alan, fallen back a bit, was shocked to see Beamer and Richard flying up through the air!The trajectory was off from what Alan was to take so Meer passed by but as he saw two boys, he threw himself off and aimed his sword straight out to stab into the chest of the boy in front. Beamer held out his sword and cut. Meer's body was cut in half, at the belly, hip to hip and his hands went to hold his lower abs and found dangling tubing. "Not half the man we are!" Beamer girls toplist portal and Richard, to the shock of some, bemusement of others, amusement of others, horror of others flew at the wall...Richard opened his eyes, "We're not gonna make it over!"Beamer smiled confidently, "Yeah we are!" He used his feet to kick off the top as they passed and they flew down.Jim, Innout, and Igno all watched, eyes diverted to the sky and the follow through of the boys' wild journey through it.. Where the boys crazy? Did they want 16 porno toplist to die on the other sides' cement ground? Stone in some places?Beamer and Richard flew down like arrowed birds. But the arrow boys had been too stunned to take any hardcore porno movie toplist shots. illegal cp toplist The boys flew down and down but landed on a hay filled wooden cart that was wheeled by a hooded figure. A moment. They kicked. "C'mon," Richard gasped, "We gotta move it, they'll be after us in a split second!"The hooded figure took the hood down and the two boys were stunned to see who's face it was. Innouts! Beamer jumped up and lunged with the sword point held straight out! This guy pulled a thicker longer sword and knocked it out of Beamer's hand in one motion. Beamer fell back onto the hay, "Well, Richard, we tried, failed but boy toplist porn a good attempt."The hooded man who looked just like Innout smiled and held his sword up. Beamer closed his eyes. Richard jumped over Beamer and landed feet first at the wagon's end, "NO!""No, of course, no," the man smiled, "You have to take this cart, there is a horse over there. They'll have to find their own horses and..."Beamer got up, "Wait a sec, are you the backer who helped us bribe the guards?""Yeah," the man smiled, "I'm the twin brother 16yo toplist of your...former leader, Innout. By the way were the guards give enough?"Beamer smiled, "Hey yeah, they rose to the occasion."Richard nodded, "No, not really. They wanted sex from us, can you believe that?"The twin put hand on Richard's smooth belly and rubbed, "Yeah, I can believe that. I would too but I wouldn't take it from you if you 3d incest porno toplist didn't wanna give it. Any ways, they served their purpose. I take hardcore child toplist it toplist cartoon tgp they are dead?""Yes," Beamer retrieved the sword and held it up, Meer's gore still entangled on it, "You take it right.""Take this cart and go," the twin said."What about you?""I have ways of hiding in the woods and the desert... now go...""Okay," Richard said and didn't argue. They began to push the cart."Just over those hills," the twin pointed."Can we trust him?" Richard asked.Beamer shrugged. Beamer and Richard sold the cart and the horse to an old man who needed it. The old man was selling pots and pans on the road and his cart broke down and his horse died so Beamer and Richard sold it for some food the old man had brought from a far away town. They walked through the woods now and found the hilly area nice but as they made their way down another hill they saw a lush semi jungle, forest that had long outgrown itself. Walking through it, they became tired. The pair saw a cottage. Beamer rubbed his eyes, "Am I....?""Hear that?""It sounds like those things the electricians use to make our power...what are they called?""A generator, I think," Richard squinted, "Let's see if anyone's home?"The cottage had a curved roof, shingled and it was painted in front in pink. There were gardened trellises on both sides of the small home and a front door in blue. The path to the door had stones on either side and flowers rowed along it. There were kept gardens on both sides of the path too. The roof lesbain toplist was white and a garland wreath was on the door. Hanging flower pots were on either side of the front door's toplist porn ru small overhang. The boys approached, oriental toplist sex never seeing anything like this. They touched a lot of it before finally knocking. No one answered. Richard smelled the flowers, "Looks like no one's home.""Well, we can't be polite. If this place has some food or water we can use, we have to check it out.""Yes but it could mean another fight...I had hoped we left those far behind us..."Beamer held the sword up, "We still have this and didn't leave it far behind.""Suppose. I suppose. We only know what we've read about the outside world from books and seen the rare smuggled in video or two...but...I thought it would be different.""If it is, it is. maxwells angels toplist If not..." Beamer held the sword up and said, "Try the door..."Richard put his hand on the knob and turned. It opened. They carefully went in. Beamer pushed Richard aside and went in first, not to be proud but to protect him if there was something inside that could kill his love of his life. Richard smiled, "Always looking out for me.""You bet," Beamer didn't look at him but felt his hand on his shoulder. "Look at this. Just look..."They were in an old fashioned home. Cosy chairs and a green couch, a rugged room in blue. What looked like a video screen. They made their way through it apprehensive and cautious. There were things they never saw before. There was a front bay window but curtains of aqua blue as well as a dozen potted plants and statues of animals prevented seeing in or out of it. They smiled at the nick knacks there and japanese photo toplist Richard picked some up to look at them. There was a porcelain cat and a similar dog statue. They were made to fit together at their bases. He smiled and looked at Beamer who beamed a smile back at him. They moved through a kitchen area. They opened a cabinet over a sink. Inside were canned goods. And in a refrigerator they found more food and drink. They rejoiced. But as they calmed down in their glee over these discoveries, they heard a sound.She was old. Very old. She smiled as she waited to die. Wrinkled. Difficult to breath. Hard to walk. Still she stood up from the bed, clean as the entire house was. She moved to a stereo set up in the bedroom. It was on. She heard two boyish gasps. At the door there were two boys, one dark and handsome and bright in outlook, the other careful and serious faced but blond as the sun. They were watching her as though she were some kind of monster. "I suppose I look like a monster to you."They stared. Was this an old person?"You know me, I'm 150 years old, now, I've lived a good long life."Beamer looked at Richard and Richard returned the shocked stare. Beamer thrust the sword into Richard's fingers, and let him take it. He moved forward. Richard put a hand Beamer's shoulder, "Beamer, don't."Beamer smiled and took his fingers and kissed the top of the hand, "It'll be alright." He moved toward illegal toplist cp pics the old lady.He reached out to her face as she watched him. She studied his face. Gulped. "My....you...you've come back," She said as he touched her wrinkles.Beamer looked, "My...but toplist movie post you are beautiful...."Richard called, "Do you know us?""Yes, Franz...." The old women put her arms around Beamer's sides mpegs toplist adult and he drew back slightly but this didn't deter her, "My Franz...how I loved you and you me...still do. Why did you have to go away?"Beamer swallowed as the woman's hand moved up to a switch and music started. It was the song from the movie GHOST, something about My Love going to the open sea and waiting for me. I'll be home wait for me, that kind of thing. UNCHAINED MELODY. It was nice. The boys never heard something like it before, so calm. Richard moved to the other wall and saw a shelf and picked up a photo stand, "Beam, she must think you, you're her..." He went over to Beamer and showed him the picture, whispering, "Look, you look just like this guy, it must be her husband.""This is my husband, silly and you are my son, Dirk," the woman said, "Dirk be a good boy and let us dance, one more time before..."She put her hand on Beamer's shoulder and Beamer followed. "You lead?""I lead," she said and the pair danced. Richard carefully replaced the photo on the shelf and watched the pair dance. He smiled at them. Beamer put his head down as the woman put hers on his shoulder. He felt her back. It felt strange and old. The song continued on and it went on and on but it didn't bore the boys. It kiddy xxx toplist was wonderful to them. "My love.....my one love....I hunger for your love...."When it was over, the woman said to Beamer, "Thank you, Franz. Thank you Beam."Beamer carefully lead her to the bed, for she looked pained and tired. He put her back down toward the bed and she laid down. "It is time for me to go."Beamer swallowed. Richard joined them and stood on the opposite side of the bed. They had never seen such an old person before japan sex toplist and they touched her face some more to her amusement. She pointed to an old dresser, "In there is my diary. It tells why I wanted to die alone after my husband died. I wanted my four sons to go on, away from here, to raise their families and their sons and their sons' sons in peace and safety." She smiled and then she got scary, nude goth toplist as she whispered, "Boys vanish around these parts. Something or someone takes them for God knows what. I think it might be for sport...or worse... goodbye my son Dirk, tell the others I loved them too, and my one true love Franz, you know I love you. It was a good life. I have no regrets and I know I shall see toplist 3d incest you again some day soon. What is mine is yours, take what you need, stay if you would like, go df toplist unique with peace....""Peace?""Peace?""Peace," she answered them both.And then she closed her eyes and this warm glow came over her. The boys watched in awe as before their eyes a peaceful death happened. A spirit seemed to emanate from her. Her body was still and seemed to rest even further. nude 12 16 toplist There was so much love in the room they could toplist porn kdz smell it. It smelled like fresh flowers, perfume....they breathed in the peace, the love, the calmness of death. Nothing they had ever seen before. They stood and watched her for a long, long time. They couldn't take their eyes off the peaceful death. They didn't want to ruin it by talking. Nothing cp toplist nude they could say, even to each other could match the experience. This is what it is suppose to be like, they both thought. They adult asian daughter toplist watched her almost six hours. Then they left the room, to go sit at the kitchen table, the kitchen done up all in yellow walls and flower decorations. Sunshine came in through a side window. They shook themselves from the experience."Wow," they said together. "That was nice.""She...she was nice," Richard smiled weakly."Yes," Beamer said, "She was. We'll. We'll bury her.""Oh, oka...okay," Richard said, still in revere. "Yes, we must.""I want to stay here so much," Beamer said."Let's find the diary," Richard said.They did. It took five minutes to find it but another hour and a half to leave the room since they wanted to stare at her some more. They read the diary in the living room. The woman did have a full life. Her last entry told them that she expected boy nappers to come here looking for her family, looking for boys. They childporn toplist came once before. The two read the diary completely. They fell asleep fighting over it in another bedroom and best pussy toplist fell asleep with it between them. They rested their heads on each other. The next day....came quickly. Calm wind blew hot air. After burying her on porn tgp toplist the path outside, the most peaceful place the boys could think of, they talked about the diary."We have to go," Beamer said. "They know about her and here.""Yes," Richard stated sadly. "Overwise, they will come here and destroy this place looking for us or fighting us or killing us...""I don't want to bring that here, do you?""Oh ...uhm, no," Richard stated, "but the diary, further back. You read what it was like. What families were like.""Yes," Beamer answered slowly, tears wanting to come. "Yes, I did."They started out on the path and moved away from teen toplist pics the little cabin. They turned the generator off so it would not make sounds noticeable to searchers. illegal porn toplist They walked away. Beamer turned back, legal cp toplist a back pack on filled with stuff, "Shame we couldn't stay, it would have been like a real home, a nice home."Richard looked back, "Yes, but some day, I will come back. I will."Beamer nodded, "I believe you. And I...I shall asian teen toplist come with you."They walked off and they didn't notice UNCHAINED MELODY began playing again.
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